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At Luffman Engineering we understand steel, specialising in steel profiling, bending, and fabrication to suit our customer requirements. Manufacturing a wide range of products, from electrical boxes to saw milling equipment, from buttons to giant spiders.


Our continual investment in the lastest cutting technology, has since 1991 helped us grow from a small welding shop into a multi service engineering company.

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Frequently Asked Questions -


Question - I want a 2D shape cut out. What is the best way to give you my drawings?


1. We are able to work from anything from a 'fag packet sketch' to a full blown 3D CAD file. However the best form (and cheapest for you) would be for you to supply the drawing for any profiles you require cutting in .dxf or .dwg (pre 2004) format. Ensure that all the drawings sent are scaled 1:1 as we cut what you send.

If you send any CAD files drawn in imperial please let us know when submitting your drawings as there is a possibilty that we will need to re scale them.


2. We can scan and convert artwork which has either been hand drawn or printed out but it needs to be in black and white and the lines need to cleanly drawn or in the case of print outs the lines must be well defined and not blurred. This is not the best way to get something accurately cut!


3. We are not able however to work with any native MAC files



Question - What metals do we hold in stock?


We hold stocks of the follow in most of the common metric thickness


Mild steel (S275)

Stainless steel - both 304 and 316 grades

Aluminium - 1050, 5083 and 6082 grades


We also hold limited stocks of -


Mild steel (S355)





Question - What materials can you cut?


We use our laser profiling machines to cut both ferrous and non ferrous metals. While the gas and plasma profile cutting machines are used for ferrous metals only. The water jet profile machines however are able to virtually anything. This includes both ferrous and non

ferrous metals, plastics, composite materials, wood (including plywood), glass (not toughened glass though), stone (including concrete and ceramics) and rubber.



What tolerances can we work to?


We generally work to the following tolerances -


Laser - +/- 0.5mm

Waterjet - +/- 0.5mm

Gas - +/- 1mm

Plasma - +/-

Guillotine - +/- 1mm


Bending, on one off's/small batches - +/- 1 degree

Bending, on larger batches -

Durbar bending tolerance +/- 2 degrees


Sheets of mild steel are bought in to the EN10029 standard of thickness and flateness